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Merry Christmas! (Eve)

Geocached nearby (relatively speaking) in Orange County this morning. Found four caches and stopped in plenty of time for lunch at Burger King in Monroe. (I have all four Simpsons watches now. :) )

There was a curious pairing of caches today. Make Thanksgiving Everyday! and Colored Cache were both in cemeteries, while Heritage Trail and Goose Pond Mt. were both near bike trails. I'd say Goose Pond Mt. was the pick of the day. It required the longest, but most scenic, walk at 2.4 miles roundtrip and once there, retrieving the cache was like a Survivor challenge. Well okay, not quite that bad but still not something that I've done a lot of.

Confederate $5 front

Confederate $5 back

I got this Confederate $5 bill from a geocache in Maryland. I believe it's a replica because it has the word "FACSIMILE" on the front and the paper looks too new. But it's neat nevertheless. I notice the serial number is handwritten. Did the Treasurer or Secretary of the Treasury have to number each bill? Just imagine Paul O'Neill (the Secretary of the Treasury, not the baseball player) doing that today. He'd get one heck of a writer's cramp! I'd guess though that there wasn't as much paper money back then as coins could buy a lot.

Also, someone's poking fun at Where's George in the pencilled-in message on the bottom of the bill. Too bad that website does not work or does not exist. Tracking Confederate money would certainly be different.


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