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This evening, I went to West Milford to find the My First Parking Lot Micro geocache. The cache name aside, this abandoned parking lot is actually 3/4 of a mile walk from the entrance, although it's a relatively easy walk because the whole walk is on a paved driveway. This area was formerly Jungle Habitat, a safari theme park a few decades ago that's similar to Six Flags Wild Safari today. The large wild animals are no longer there but the long driveway and huge parking area remain. And the parking area is where the cache was.

After that, it was time for shopping. I was curious as to whether any of the stores would be closed because of the illegal immigrant protest. The only business that I noticed was closed was the Burger King in Ramsey. So at least in this area, things went on more-or-less as usual and they haven't made their point.

Anyway, the main goal for the evening was to get a digital camera to replace the Coolpix 2000 that broke on Sunday. I'd checked all the sales circulars the night before and identified the Nikon Coolpix L4 as a suitable entry-level replacement. (I don't want to get anything too expensive because there's always a danger I might lose the camera in the woods. In addition, these days, most cameras have specs far beyond what I need.) So I went to CompUSA to get it. It was on sale, although the deal was a free camera case, not a price reduction.

I played with the camera a bit in the store. The first thing I noticed is it is very small, about half the size of the Coolpix 2000! All the camera functions -- focusing, picture browsing, etc -- were also an order of magnitude faster than the old camera. In addition, it uses fewer batteries (2 vs. 4) and has more megapixels (4 vs. 2). So already, I was quite impressed. But the best part is it's somewhat cheaper than what the Coolpix 2000 cost when I got that a few years ago! More camera for less money -- now that's the kind of deflation I like. So for maximum jaw-dropping impact, always wait a few years between technology upgrades. :) Anyway, this is the first picture I took to test the Coolpix L4 after setting it up. Of course, further evaluations will have to wait until I get outside.

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