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A kiss on the hand is quite...

Visited the Continental Cache this evening. It's at the Continental Soldiers Park in Mahwah. The park is new enough that the ballfield, parking area, and footbridges don't show up on Google Satellite. Anyway, this was the first field test of the camera. I've uploaded some pictures here. In most respects, it works pretty much the same way as the old camera did, so the improvements are mostly in image resolution and processing speed. One minor annoyance is it now takes more button pushes to switch between macro and regular mode, something that the manufacturer probably assumed that photographers don't do very often.

After that, I went to Quiznos in Ramsey to try the new Double Stack Pastrami Sub. It's like a deli in a sub! I wish they didn't get rid of the Triple Q to add this new menu item though.

I'm just about done writing the K-Meleon luamacros for paging through Flickr photostreams, group pools, archives, etc. The essential idea here is it's easier and faster to hit a key than to position a mouse on a link and click. So if I write macros that increment or decrement the page number in the Flickr URL, I can hook them onto accelerator keys and make it easier to browse Flickr. Of course, it wasn't that easy because there are at least 5 different page number argument styles in use at Flickr. Also, the first page of anything doesn't usually have a page number in the URL, so the macro has to recognize all the locations where you can go from that page to page 2. There are more than 20 types of those locations. Anyway, I'm going to hold it for a little while before posting the macro, in case there are problems or in case I see something else on Flickr that can be navigated this way. I also added another macro to page through Livejournal in a similar fashion since it's easy once the bulk of the Lua code is in place.

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