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Commendation of the day: Ameritrade Izone

While going through the transaction history last night, I noticed a bit of an anomaly involving a stock split. So I asked Izone about it last night using their contact form. By this morning, I got an email explaining it to my satisfaction. I complain about businesses in this journal so it's only right that I also give praise where praise is due.

Domestic disaster of the day:

I haven't had a pork bun in a while so I microwaved one of those last night. Unfortunately, I forgot that frozen pork buns only need the microwave at half power, not full power, to warm up. So let's just say it ended up being smoke flavored. :)

Poking fun at Jim Cramer website of the day:

In which Jim Cramer's "Lightning Round" stock picks are compared to Leonard the Wonder Monkey's stock picks. And guess what? The monkey's right more often!

Food item of the day: Honey Mustard Chicken Craveable Salad

The Quiznos coupon I had was specific to the craveable salads, so I chose one of the salads. Overall, it's not bad, although I'm not too fond of the greens that look like weeds. More salads need to have cucumber slices in them.

Econo-filk of the day: Every Breath You Take (music video. Also, the lyrics and CBS Follies website)

Got the link from John Mauldin's newsletter. This is somewhat of interest (and also a bit cringe-worthy) to me because it came from my alma mater. (except that I was in the engineering school, not the business school, but close enough) This parody is set to the tune of the Police song of the same name. It's about Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and it also pokes fun at Glenn Hubbard, the Dean of the Business School, who was the former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors to the President and who aspired to be the Fed Chairman.

In the lyrics, bps = basis points

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