Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

St. Mary's Parish Fair Day 2

Before I forget, yesterday's St. Mary's Fair pictures from grizz593's collection.

Started the day by waking up. Then I did two caches on the way to the gig, although they were pretty far apart and I'm not even sure that one of them can be considered "on the way". The first was Cache a Flick, Leave a Flick on a walkway by the Hudson River behind the Edgewater Multiplex. Then I went for Sleight Cache, just outside of Poughkeepsie and close to the meetup location. Like yesterday's cache, this too is along the Wappingers Creek Greenway.

Then I went to the Days Inn in Poughkeepsie to meet with the gang. There were a lot more fursuiters and helpers for today. grizz593, palladinthug, Chuck, and I were joined by Mike (Grizz's son), bearknight, kgraleopard, tigerman, talliy, wulven, freakylynx, foxwell, logarthsheppy, and tibortiger. After hanging out at the motel for a bit, we all headed to the fair. (I got there too, after making a wrong turn and coming within a block of Kids Expo. Whoa! Flashback! Unfortunately, freakylynx and foxwell were following behind. Sorry!)

This time, as a bigger group, we did a lot more things. We got on the rides free. I went on the Cobra, which was a weird spinning thing. Although I could take it, that put me off rides for the rest of the day. (Not as young as I used to be, although coming to think of it, I don't know of a time when a ride like that didn't make me a little nauseous.) Also fooled around at the playground, where I was surprised that I didn't get stuck sliding down through the tube in fursuit! Also did some bad disco moves on the dance floor (in the tent area) for a bit. Then we watched the police K-9 unit demonstration in the field. Of course, we gave out lots of hugs and hi-5s for the kids because after all, we were one of the attractions. :)

Later that evening, some older kids, who were troublemakers, came to the fair. They started punching one of us and there was a bit of a scuffle. I was in the break room at the time, so I heard about the incident secondhand. At that point, we decided to just pack up and leave. It's too early to tell whether anything else will come of this incident, but it may be a good idea to avoid nighttime events from now on.

Now the weird part: I saw Helmut again! He appeared for a brief moment in the crowd at the fair, and then I never saw him again the rest of the day. Of course, it's still perfectly reasonable to assume that he's just someone who looks like Helmut, but here's the kicker: This guy was wearing the same jacket as the Helmut-lookalike I ran into at Jenny Jump State Park a few weeks ago! So he's probably the same guy, but when you consider that he crossed my path at two locations over 100 miles apart, the odds of that happening get pretty low. Of course, coincidences could be happening all the time except that I don't notice them because the people who cross my path repeatedly usually are not recognizable to me. So that would make this particular coincidence seem a lot rarer than it is.

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