Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A long zeppole-filled island

Another trip to Long Island, counting on $3 gas to cut down on traffic problems. That was mostly correct, except for a traffic delay in the Bronx, presumably because of a bike event that I heard was happening somewhere in the city. Once I got over to the island, crossing the imaginary bridge at the Queens-Nassau border, everything was fine.

I started late today, so I didn't do as many geocaches as usual. However, there was a bit of variety in the ones I did do. A few of them were woodland walks in mildly-hilly areas. There was also one on a flat woodland trail. And a few more were park and grabs. There was a festival near one of the caches, so I took a look at what they had. Present at the festival were a German oompa band, jewelry, funnel cakes and zeppoles, candy of unknown origin, and municipal bonds, REITs, and CMOs. So what could possibly tie those disparate elements together? Apparently, and I didn't find out until later, it's supposed to be a Dutch Festival. I got a bag of zeppoles, which probably wasn't a good idea because I got powdered sugar all over the place.

Dinner was at the LJS/KFC in Melville. Can't give them a full grade this evening because the men's restroom was out of service. Had to use the women's restroom, which was the same as the men's room except for the lack of urinals. (well, obviously)

LI Weirdness: Someone in Smithtown honked "Shave and a haircut". I was tempted to do the "Two bits" part but thought better of it because it could be some kind of weird gang sign.

Junk Drawer (New York)
Averill Blvd Park in Franklin Square.

Quaker Meeting House (New York )
Quaker meeting house in Farmingdale.

Monumental Micro Series #2 (New York)
SUNY Farmingdale campus.

Pineridge Rocks! (New York )
Pineridge Park in Melville.

Pineridge Park Multi (New York)
Pineridge Park in Melville.

The Foundling (New York )
West Hills Park in Melville.

LLKD-9 #2 Mania (New York)
Greenbelt Trail in Smithtown.


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