Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Borrowed from the Vim mailing list: Vim 7 - the graphical introduction
A few animations demonstrating Vim 7 features. Note that keyword completion was already there in previous Vim versions. The Vim 7 enhancements here are the popup list of completions and omni completion. (formerly occult completion :) ) This reminds me that I should check if the popup menu broke my command-line completion script.

This afternoon, I noticed that the Valero gas station in Park Ridge was offering a 5 cents/gallon cash discount. I was wondering if that was allowed by Visa and Mastercard because I thought vendor credit card agreements prohibited credit card surcharges. It turns out that credit card surcharges are prohibited but cash discounts are okay. Huh?? I suppose the difference between a credit card surcharge and a cash discount is you won't get the discount if you use a check. Even so... huh?

Borrowed from Gasbuddy: Hawaii Gives Up on Price Controls
Maybe now the folks in the Gasbuddy forums will quit bringing up that price cap idea. The problem is it's hard for anyone, let alone a detached government regulator, to determine an appropriate price level, given that many of the inputs -- among them, the costs of refining, storing, transporting, marketing, rent, labor, etc -- are often not disclosed and may also vary by location and time. Set the price cap too low and some producers and retailers may find it unprofitable to do business and will just bow out, leading to shortages. Set the price cap too high and, as the Hawaii folks have seen, prices will simply rise to meet the price cap. Ultimately, prices are best set by the market itself through the interplay between supply and demand.

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