Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Shore

Surprisingly good weather today. The weather forecast called for a 40% chance of rain. Usually, if there's a chance of rain at all, you know that even if it doesn't rain, it'll be cloudy all day long. But no. After I left home, it didn't take half an hour before all the clouds went away and the sun came out. And that's the way it was the rest of the day. (It only started raining lightly at night.)

Since the weather was good, I did the two Atlantic Highlands caches that I'd been saving for a day like this. Although the area is hilly, the terrain I encountered was at just a bit of an incline so it wasn't hard at all. Then I got back all the calories I'd burnt off by hitting the Wawa store in the Keyport area for lunch. I had no idea why I ordered the split pea soup on a warm day. However, their new Bourbon Chicken Wrap hit the spot. I also went back in to get a 99-cent sundae. From past experience, I learnt that since the store is right there, it's better to get the ice cream when I'm ready for it instead of together with everything else. That way, it'll still be frozen.

After that, I got a whole bunch more caches, including one that turned out, to my surprise, to be a FTF. A few required a bit of dirt-road driving. (Well, I could've walked in too but off-roading is interesting.) The only bummer was I accidentally ruined the last cache by pushing it too far into its hidey hole when I tried to retrieve it. But never mind. There was another Wawa store just up the road and a hot turkey bowl cures all disappointment.

Also... on my way home, I put away the E-ZPass tag and used cash at every Northbound GSP tollbooth. For the most part, I wanted to break a bunch of large bills and get more small bills for Where's George. However, I also noticed that toll clerks are a diverse bunch of people in all shapes and sizes, and that they often make change in all ones. (which served my purpose)


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