Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Out in the Sticks

It was cloudy today, but the sun came out in the afternoon and it didn't rain until the evening. In other words, the weather was a repeat of yesterday. Went to Orange County to pick up a few stray geocaches. Then I headed up to Sullivan County. One of the caches was a FTF, but I found out that someone had actually gone for it a few days ago but was uncomfortable looking for it because the whole place, except the road, was private property and there were people working nearby. So the advantage goes to me.

Several times today, I missed a turn and came back around by a different route. The problem with Orange County is it's hard to tell which road is a residential road and which road is a connecting road. All the roads look like small country roads! On the plus side, as long as I was going in the correct general direction, I'd eventually hit a numbered route and then it'd be simple. But it sure wasn't an efficient way to go.

One thing I didn't expect to see was an intersection with traffic lights on Route 17 just past the town of Liberty. I thought they were further along than this in upgrading the highway to an interstate. (Future I-86) Nevertheless, this is a nostalgic trip. The last time I went this way, I was on my way to the Woodstock site and monument in Bethel. It was winter back then and everything was under a foot of snow. It's amazing how different everything looks without the snow.

The other thing I noticed in Sullivan County is how rural the place is. (Of course, someone from Montana might say that I haven't seen rural. But this is rural to me.) There were roads where I could go for miles without seeing any traffic. Towns were 5 to 10 miles apart and even the bigger towns had a mere dozen businesses or so on "Main Street". (and few of those businesses were open on Sunday) Some roads were unpaved. Some driveways were so rutted and potholed that you could lose a wheel in there. It's a fun place.

Dinner was at the Arby's in Middletown. They had a lot of new menu items so I'm in the process of trying everything, one item per visit. This time, I had the Southwest Chicken Wrap. It's not bad. Only problem is the wrap unravels too easily.


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