Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fickle Fungus of Fate

On my way home, I saw a school bus stop in the middle of a busy intersection. It was too late to stop, so I continued through the intersection and passed it, although technically, the red flashing lights hadn't come on yet. This begs the question though: Why did the bus driver stop the bus and let the kids off in the middle of the intersection? Does no one see anything wrong with that? It's one thing to stop the bus and put on the flashing lights on a quiet residential street. It's quite another to do that at an intersection when there could be vehicles coming from a number of directions. Worse yet, some drivers may not expect to have to stop when the traffic light is green and that could lead to accidents. Secondly, there aren't any houses at that intersection. The kids would still have to walk up to the residential road to get home. Why not drive the bus into the residential area and drop off the kids there? Yeah, sure... it'd be harder to have to drive in there and then turn the bus around after dropping off the kids, but that's his job!

My auto insurance switchover took effect the middle of this month. That's when the GEICO policy started and the AIG policy expired. However, my renter's insurance is still with AIG. (their Homesite Insurance division) One thing I didn't think of earlier is whether there might be an additional discount if I move the renter's insurance over to GEICO too. I should call them and ask, although I doubt it would be much of a discount since the renter's insurance premium isn't that high and I got it mainly for the liability coverage. (e.g. if someone comes visiting and gets flesh-eating bacteria from a splinter. :) Seriously though, if someone could lose an eye from fungal infection caused by contact lens solution, you can't be too careful about liability issues.)

Going to a geocaching event this evening. I don't have any travel bugs or geocoins to trade, so I guess I'll just eat. :)
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