Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Acrid burning is not a flavor

Yesterday evening, I went to the NNJC Awards geocaching event. It was at the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne. Good to see the Northern NJ regulars. The last time I was at Ruby Tuesday, I had a burger and ordered the salad bar as a side order. Then I realized it was a mistake because the salad bar had almost everything I wanted: from veggies, to egg and ham, to fruits in syrup, to crunchy bits. So this time around, I decided to just order the salad bar as the entree. And that was well worth the money. After (or during) the dinner, they had an awards presentation. I was nominated for two awards, best cache logger and best cache veteran, but didn't win either. Still, it was a nice surprise to be nominated considering I don't do much for the Northern NJ geocaching scene. (The last geocache I placed wasn't even in this state.) One of my pictures was also in the slide show.

This morning, my microwave oven showed the following symptoms:
  • Excessive radio interference.
  • A crackling sound.
  • An acrid burning odor coming from the rear of the microwave oven.
At that point, it was clear that the microwave oven was not only malfunctioning, but also a fire hazard. Actually, the radio interference was what I noticed first because I found myself unable to listen to Curtis and Kuby. (and this time, it wasn't because of their politics :) ) So I was able to shut it off before things got worse. (Yeah, I know it's dangerous to leave a microwave oven unattended, but who watches it every time?) Anyway, this oven lasted 11 years. If I only have to replace an appliance every 11 years, I'd consider that pretty good. So it's time to see what the latest is in microwave oven technology. The downside is, with no microwave oven and with nothing in the freezer than can be prepared on the stove, I'll be eating out three meals in a row. Or is that an upside because I'll finally be able to use all those Quiznos coupons?
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