Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Numismatics and microwavery

It was an interesting trip to the bank. I withdrew a sum of money in tens. As I was counting the bills, I noticed that there was a Series 1934D bill in the bunch. (Because of Where's George, I tend to notice when the signature on the bill is different.) Pretty cool. It's about the same as a newer $10 bill prior to Series 1999, except that the serial number font is different and it says that it is "redeemable in lawful money". Yeah, try going to the Federal Reserve and getting gold with that. :) Actually, I think redeemability in gold ended in 1933 (for US citizens holding FRNs), so that notice in the year 1934 didn't mean much, other than you can get bills in other denominations using this ten. Big whoop. As always, any bill whose series is too old to enter into Where's George goes into my collection of old bills.

I also got a Korean coin. Since I found it in the reject slot of the coin counter, I think it was in my change. So someone passed me a Korean 1-cent coin and I didn't know because I didn't check at that time. No matter. This too goes into my coin collection.

Then I went to Target of Spring Valley to shop for microwave ovens. When I got there, I saw that every single microwave they had, from smallest to largest, costs less than the one I bought 11 years ago. So I just picked the one that they had on sale this week, which is a 1250-watt 1.6-cubic-foot monster. I think the old microwave was 1 cubic foot, so this is quite a bit bigger, although it still fits nicely on the kitchen counter. Right away, I noticed that it has something that helps with my forgetfulness problem. With the old microwave oven, occasionally I forgot that I was cooking and left the food in there until it got cold again and stale. This oven's display, on the other hand, will say that there is food inside until I open the oven door.
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