Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

From Quarry to BBQ

Began the day by seeking a couple new caches in Central Jersey. (Well, I call it Central Jersey, although South Mountain is actually above I-78.) Met TwoCat there and they were an immense help because the caches were well hidden. There, TwoCat handed me the coordinates to the "Psychic Friends Network" mystery cache. That cache doesn't have its actual coordinates listed online and its coordinates can only be obtained by finding one of the info cards floating around. I put that info to good use later on.

After the 6th cache, I headed over to tonyringtail's place for the BBQ. Also there were jbadger, recherei, byzantyndragon, smrgol_t_kirin, shy_matsi, chronocoon, mejeep, tjcoyote, foxwell, magnusdiridian, skyfirefox, jappydawg, and a bunch of others whose names will probably come to me later when I'm not at a computer where I can edit this entry. :) A few of the attendees wore fursuits and played around. I actually did pack one of my fursuits too, but I didn't feel like putting it on this afternoon because I was already a little grubby from the day's activities. (and well, I also wanted to eat something) However, I did bring the plush husky along, so I had fun asking some friends to pose with it for pictures. (which will eventually be on Flickr)

Since jbadger was there, I grabbed him and we used the info card that I got earlier in the day to go for the "Psychic Friends Network" cache. We also went to "Sambuca's Revenge" to get jbadger a find on that one too. Then we went back to the BBQ.

Later that evening, jbadger showed me his big stash of travel bugs. I logged a dozen of his travel bugs, which was enough to hit a new milestone of 1000 travel bugs found! (Actually, a bit higher than 1000 now because I had the tag numbers for a few other travel bugs.)

Then a game of Werewolf started up, so I joined in for a few rounds until the party ended.


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