Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

It alternated between sunshine and rain throughout the day. The irony is I mistimed it so that the walks came during the rain and the park-and-grabs came during the sunny periods. No biggie though. I just brought an umbrella out into the woods.

The most notable location today was "Five Mile View Hotel" in Blue Point. This is the site of a 19th-century hotel. Very little of the hotel is left, but there are still a bunch of stone columns here and there, and one large concrete bowl filled with water.

Went to the KFC/LJS in Melville this evening. They had a new item on the menu: the parmesan-crusted fish bites. I tried those. Not bad, although the fish bites are a bit more pricey than the usual fried fish.

Countdown: 4992 down, 8 to go.

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