Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Apples to Pears

This evening, I went to do Park N' Hunt. It's in the Montville Community Park in Montville. Once again, I was FTF and the countdown is now at 4994 down, 6 to go. What I found interesting in that park is the community vegetable garden. Among other things, they were growing tomatoes, carrots, and peppers. From what I saw though, not very many of the vegetable plots have been prepared for this growing season yet. Most of those plots are just overgrown. Anyway, the reason this is interesting is local farming will take on great importance in this post-peak oil era when it will eventually become too expensive to transport our produce from far away. When that time comes, it will be useful to be able to grow something in one's own yard.

Of course, I'm hardly helping the peak oil situation by driving all that way for the geocache. However, I did combine this excursion with a trip to the Chinese supermarket in East Hanover to stock up on apples, pears, and other foodstuffs. It happened that I'd just run out of everything, so it was a good time to go shopping for groceries. I started having Asian pears recently and I found them to be pretty good. Rather juicy and not hard at all. Of course, Asian pears don't necessarily come from Asia. They have been cultivated in a number of production areas in temperate climates. According to the stickers, this batch I got came from Chile. (So they are South American Asian pears. :) )

The other errand I did today was to visit a nearby Commerce Bank branch to get an ATM card. Big deal, you say. Well, the thing is I haven't had an ATM card in a number of years, ever since Commerce Bank decided to impose a $20 annual fee for having an ATM card. In an era when banks (well, some smaller banks anyway) were falling over each other to provide no-fee checking account services, that move sounded so ridiculous that I hope they saw the folly of imposing that fee and removed it quickly. Anyway, the day they made that announcement was the day I handed in my ATM card and I haven't had one until today. Two things changed my mind: Firstly, I'll be traveling to a region not served by this bank. And secondly, they now offer ATM surcharge refunds. (for checking accounts with balances over $2,500) Anyway, obtaining the ATM card was a pretty easy process. I asked one of the desk people in the lobby. After verifying my account information, he took a blank card over to a special machine sitting in the corner and printed the ATM card. Cool. I didn't know they could make a card on the spot. Back in my day (uh oh, that phrase again), after requesting an ATM card, I had to wait a few days for it to arrive in the mail. We didn't have fancy on-demand ATM card-printing machines the way you young whippersnappers do now. :)

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