Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Just another caper

A cache a day keeps the doctor away, unless you get a chigger attack or Lyme disease, but I digress. So here's the cache of the day: Cemetery Cache 1. (4995 down, 5 to go.) I went for it in the evening. It's at the Crest Haven Memorial Park in Nutley. The first part of the cache involves a visit to the center of the cemetery to a tower with an interesting history. Then the final part of the cache was a standard microcache hidden not far away. After that, I got dinner and groceries on my way home so as not to waste a trip just on this.

Apparently, the Nightcaper geocache, which I did two days ago, got archived because they found out that the park didn't have nighttime access after all. Okay?? The thing is I didn't see any signs saying that the park closes at dusk. The sign that I saw a little up the road said that parking isn't allowed from dusk to dawn except in designated areas, and I was sure that the Skytop Picnic parking area was a designated area. So I guess it is assumed that the common dusk-to-dawn curfew applies. Looks like another OTF for me.

I'm so behind on posting photos that I may never catch up. Maybe it's time to outsource it. :)

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