Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Duckpin Saturday

It was a sandwich day. A few geocaches on the way there, then fun times with friends, and then a few more geocaches on the way back. That's ideal. Let's do it again!

Where to begin? Oh, the beginning. I'd packed and loaded the fursuit tub the day before so all I had to do this morning was get ready and get going. First thing I noticed was the cigarette lighter socket wasn't working. In all likelihood, the fuse was blown. In order to explain why, I'd have to go back a few days to when I was on my way to a night cache and the GPS cigarette lighter adapter broke into pieces. At that time, I thought I'd just replace the power cable, but I didn't try the spare cable until today. Fortunately, there is another power socket down on the floor so I'll use that this weekend and deal with the fuse on Tuesday. (because it's not wise to meddle with stuff that might interfere with weekend plans when you don't have to)

So I headed off to Connecticut. As usual, there was an 8-mile delay leading to Norwalk. There was a rest area in the middle of the traffic delay, so I cashed the Powerball ticket there. Once past Norwalk, traffic was free-flowing the rest of the way. I went to the Canal Beach Kayak Launch geocache at a boat launch in Westport. Then I did the Southport Bug Hotel at the Westway Preserve in Southport.

After that, I went to Hamden and met up with wally_wabbit, foxwell, coyoty, and samuikon at the duckpin bowling alley. It was still early, so I went and had some chicken satay at the Thai takeout place next door. Thai satay is not as good as Malaysian satay, but it'll do for a small snack.

After the satay, I went back to the bowling alley. We were the only customers for the next two hours, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Two lanes for two hours for five bowlers meant a heck of a lot of bowling! We started keeping score but ended up just bowling like crazy. I found that I wasn't actually able to bowl in full fursuit because I couldn't see the pins, a handicap that turned me from being a bad bowler to being a terrible bowler. :) However, I did do a couple of rounds like that and then just left the head off the rest of the time. But we did get a couple of fursuit pictures, both by ourselves and with the bowling alley staff.

After that, we went to West Rock Ridge Park for photography. Headed back to wally_wabbit's place for a bit and then we had dinner at Szechuan Delight. This restaurant has two menus: a regular menu and an alternate menu of unusual cuisine. So of course, we ordered from the latter menu. I got the lion head (Made from real lion! Nah, just kidding. :) ) and the Malaysian curry dumplings, and I split a giant dragon roll (Made from real dragon! Nah, just kidding. :) But there's eel inside.) with foxwell. After that, we did a little shopping and then went to Dairy Queen. I'm the coupon nut, so I supplied everyone with DQ dollar-off coupons. (These coupon booklets land in my mail every now and then.) wally_wabbit has a better summary with pictures of the day.

After that, I did two geocaches on my way home (well okay, one of them wasn't quite on my way home ;) ) at night: Eat, Drink & Be Merry 8 in downtown Wallingford, and Super Nano in Bridgeport. Got home and filled up at the all-night gas station, paying two to the power five dollars.

Oh yeah, the countdown: 4999 down, 1 to go! So I'll go out and do #5000 later today.

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