Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Watchung and #5000

I just needed one more cache to get to #5000, so I really could've gone anywhere, but I chose to go back to Watchung Reservation to seek the cache that replaced the night cache I found a few days ago. (The latter was archived because they found out after the fact that you can't go into the park after dark.) So #5000 was "Sky Top Caper".

Geocache #5000

After that, I did a few more in Watchung Reservation. Some long walks but, aside from humidity, the weather was okay for that. The last cache was a two-parter with the first part in the Livingston Mall and the second part in a wooded area a few miles away. After that, since I was pretty close to East Hanover, I had some Malaysian satay (the way it should be made. Sorry, Thai food fans.) to celebrate.

I also wanted to go to my neighborhood Dairy Queen, but I saw a line of at least 50 people waiting for ice cream! People around here, gotta love them, but they're totally nuts about DQ. So I settled for a tub of ice cream from the supermarket.

Finally, I've been asked about this, so my Flickr photostream is at: Bookmark it. :) However, I really should be posting some pictures from there to liven up the journal. I've been remiss about this.
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