Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NEPA and Upstate NY

Don't go past that sign!

The above picture got quite a reaction when I posted it to Weather Underground. The photo admin even added it to the "pets" category. Quite a sense of humor they have. :)

Today's excursion was to Northeast Pennsylvania and upstate New York to get a bunch of caches in a number of areas. First, I went to Matamoras and worked my way up to Millrift. Then, since the Delaware River was in the way, I had to go back to Matamoras to cross the bridge over to Port Jervis. Then I went back up the other side of the river.

After that, since I had information for some Sullivan County geocaches, I wondered how long it would take to get to Roscoe from there. It turned out to be very long. It was quite scenic but my route was on two-lane country roads all the way. I used the 7-county map that I got on my last trip to Roscoe to find my way around. I'm still amazed at how sparse the area is. You can go for a few miles at a time without encountering traffic. Then when you arrive at a "town", it's only a few buildings. (and a crossroad, if you're lucky)

There were many places I could've stopped but I went back to Middletown for dinner at Arby's. The Salvation Army store next door to the Arby's is a mess. On the side of the building, there were piles and piles of donated items taking up half the side lane. I think people are just driving up and leaving their donations there. While I was there, I saw some people drive up to the side lane and pick through the stuff, making the piles of stuff even more unruly, for free items. It's getting out of control.


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