Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Jaunt

Service appointment yesterday afternoon. Apparently, the oil level is a bit low so it needed an oil change. However, it shouldn't be low that soon or ever, unless there's a leak or the engine is burning oil, so I have to bring the car in again after another 1,000 miles for them to look at the oil level. That should be what? Three or four days? :)

After that, I went shopping in Paramus. Got more DVDs to watch around New Year's. Are we having snow again? Also got a new compass because the liquid in the old one had turned brown, most likely with rust. Just what exactly is that liquid in a liquid-filled compass?

Today? Just went geocaching around New Jersey. A whole lot of driving though because the caches were spread out, 20 to 30 miles between caches. One each was in Burlington, Middlesex and Somerset Counties. There were three in Monmouth County but in three different corners of the county.

Mill Creek Park was easy. Community park.

Walnford Pond---Family 1 and 2 was an easy multi in a small park although the cache hider has started using fishing line tricks in cache placement. Along the way, I saw a sign saying "No Jake Braking". I was wondering what that was so I did a web search when I got home. It turns out that Jake Braking is using the engine to slow the truck, except that the engine has a modification to enhance braking power.

Steaming through the Pines was also easy. The train wasn't running and the village was closed today because it is off-season. I've been to Allaire Village in the summer and it has some stores, including a bakery, and of course people in period (1830s) costume. Fascinating to drop by after caching in the park.

The Hardy Boys in The Tower Treasure didn't take much time to find either, even though I was distracted by the garbage in the area. So is Keyport the town on which the fictional Bayport in the Hardy Boys series is based? Some think so.

Simply Math Cache (uC#1) was an easy multi that didn't take long at all, even with the Math. According to the signs I saw on the way in, Quibbletown was an actual town in what is now South Plainfield.

Gorge Out was also an easy find although the path was slippery with a mix of snow and refrozen snow. The cache has a unique method of logging. There is a deck of cards inside with hex numbers written on them. When you log it, you have to report the card you took and the number on the card, and the cache owner will check that against a master list of cards.


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