Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pompton and Pageantry

Pompton River Near the Pompton River Flowers near the access road to the Pompton River

This evening, I went to bag the Find BrianSnat's Can (Ammo Can)1 geocache in Wayne. It is next to the Pompton River, off a dirt road that pokes out of a residential area.

The way this cache works was a little unusual. The first visitor, i.e. me, has to take the ammo can from the cache location and rehide it elsewhere with the same instructions. In addition, the first visitor has to leave a cache where the ammo can was. (I left a Rubbermaid container.) The idea here is this ammo can will travel from location to location, leaving a series of caches in its wake. Anyway, I'd been researching possible locations for my "5000 Celebration" cache, so I can use that info to place this ammo can somewhere.

Second-last week of class. This is the week when everyone has to review someone else's work. You'd think after all this blogging, I'd be adept at delivering snap judgements on anything, but no. His design was okay, layout perfect, color scheme absolutely consistent, but when I got to the part where I had to point out the serious and annoying flaws, that's when all that cringing began. Argh. Anyway, it's done and over. Thank goodness.
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