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Bucks County snowcaching

Went to Bucks County, Pennsylvania yesterday. Really running out of options now as most places to the North have too much snow and ice. There may actually be enough snow now to make finding the geocache very difficult. There was a lot of snow in parts of Bucks County too but I dealt with it and found five caches.

First leg of the journey was down I-78 and Route 513 to Covered Bridge Tour of Bucks County - North and Covered Bridge Tour of Bucks County - South. Each cache involves collecting information at three covered bridges to answer multiple choice questions. The coordinates for the actual cache are then determined by the answers. I think Alan2 has a winning formula here as these caches are lots of fun. A driving tour followed by a short cache hunt. Perfect even for the winter. It's too bad though that the South cache already has some damage not even a week after it was placed.

The next stop was to backtrack up Aquetong Road to Route 263 to Pettit's Bridge. This old bridge is no longer in use since the new bridge was built less than 100 ft from it. The cache was a bit harder to find because the snow tended to pile up in many spots, making the area look like there were more hiding spots. But it still didn't take too long to find the cache. Just had to look around a bit more.

Next was WILL YOU MARRY ME????? in Doylestown. This is the park where a cacher proposed to his girlfriend.

Last of the day was Batman's Treasure. It was on State Game Lands #157. There was a lot of snow in this area. More than any of the other cache sites. The trail was easy to follow though because some people had been through that way since the last snowfall. I think the cache would have been very hard to find if I had not been lucky. The area where the cache was hidden was full of large rocks with deep snow filling the spaces between the rocks. I happened to start searching practically right next to the cache so I didn't have to dig too many holes in the snow. I found a hammer on top of the cache and now I realize that someone left it there for banging on the rocks. My guess is the rocks in this area have a high iron and aluminum content so they would sound like steel drums when struck, just like the rocks in Ringing Rocks Park in another part of Bucks County.

Dinner was at Picasso Pizza, a Georger mecca. Both Pino and Biagio were there that evening. Tried the stuffed spaghetti pizza this time. It was good.


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