Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Soaked Saturday

Have a seat!

It rained nearly all day so I stayed indoors to get a number of things done.

First, I finished posting all the geocaching-related photos from the past few weeks to my Flickr photostream. So that should be complete to the present date. Of course, there are still some food and event photos that I have to upload, so the work is never done.

Here's something not so obvious that I noticed about Flickr: I'm now admining a bunch of groups there. (Funny how these little hobbies tend to go deeper and deeper.) This morning, as I was browsing one of those groups, I noticed that friends-only pictures posted to the group are visible to the group admins. This makes sense because the group admins have to see all the pictures in the group to identify and remove inappropriate ones. However, the non-admin group member may not be aware of that wrinkle. So, if you have friends-only pictures on Flickr, don't post them to a group unless you trust the group admins.

Then, in the afternoon, I prepared a bunch of stuff for Anthrocon. One of the things I had to do was mat the artwork. In order to do that, I needed some space to work on the floor, so cleaning up the living room took a chunk of time. But now I see some bare floor! Anyway, after all these years, you'd think I'd be good at this, but no. I made a measurement error and had to recut one mat board. Funny thing is I actually did follow the rule of measure twice and cut once. The problem was the number in my head was wrong.

After that, the rain stopped, so I went out to Quiznos for dinner. It was a slow Saturday at the restaurant because of the rain, so the manager was doing his weekly accounting out in front. This turned out to be a rather enlightening dinner because I asked a few questions about what he was doing and he explained how he tracked inventory and used a formula to determine profitability. He also described the numerous costs, many of which aren't visible or obvious to the casual observer, involved in running the business. Anyway, the more I learn about it, the harder it appears to do, but I guess some of that is taught in franchisee training. I'll have to ask him about that too some time.

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