Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Roam if you want to

South Dunton

There were thick clouds in the sky all day but it didn't rain more than a sprinkle until I was on my way home. Then it poured, although it stopped when I got home.

Not a bad day for being outside. I did a few 1-mile round trip walks for the first 5 caches. Then I did a whole bunch of shorter ones to end up with 13 finds for the day. Met a geocacher Spikerek at the 2nd cache of the day.

Weird thing happened at South Dunton: There were two vehicles at the dead-end part of the street by the beach. When I pulled in to the dead-end, both of them immediately drove away. When I was done with the cache and leaving, I noticed that one of them hadn't actually left the area, but was parked just outside the dead-end and looking at me all shifty-eyed. So there are a few possibilities:
1. I had bad odor.
2. They thought I was the parking enforcer.
3. I interrupted some kind of shady dealing.
4. They knew I was going to pick up the geocache and didn't want to be in the way. (Haha! I wish.)

Needless to say, this is yet another time I don't understand Long Islanders.

Went to the KFC/LJS in Hicksville for dinner. They've gotten service down to the sub-second range. Someone had already started putting the order together while I was ordering. So the moment I paid, Bam! The food was ready. Quite impressive. Now if only they could fix the restroom. There's no sign for the men's room and inside, the faucet handle is broken.

Broken Heart Ridge (New York)
Pineridge Park in Melville.

Trees & Trails (New York )
Pineridge Park in Melville.

FOX-001 Rise of the Phoenix (New York)
Edgewood Preserve in Deer Park.

YEM13 - Tanglewood (New York )
Gardiners County Park in West Islip.

FOX-002 Little flying Fox (New York)
Gardiners County Park in West Islip.

How Screwy! (New York )
Bohemia Equestrian Park in Bohemia.

Monumental Micro Series #6 (New York)
Alex Diguardia Memorial in Holbrook.

Pipe Dream (New York )
Sans Souci County Park in Bayport.

Bayport Manor (New York)
Beach restoration area in Bayport.

DPM-4: Lame Micro @ South Dunton (New York )
Beach area in Patchogue.

YEM24 - Tranny Man (New York)
Wooded area in Patchogue.

NASCAR Cache (New York )
Wooded area in Patchogue.

Welcome to Mastic (New York)

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