Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Crazy Sixes

The day began with my waking up at 2am in the morning, which made me wonder why I bothered going to sleep at all since I usually go to sleep later than that. After a quick breakfast (more like a late night snack), I headed out to the 06-06-06 @ 06:06:06 geocaching event at Denny's in Mount Laurel. Yes, we were all meeting up there at 6am in the morning. Since I live 2 hours away from that location, I needed to wake up just a bit earlier. :) Even so, I was overly pessimistic on travel time (there's hardly any traffic on the road at 2am!) and had more than enough time to pick up two geocaches in the dark on my way there.

Anyway, it was a great event. I met many geocachers from South Jersey, Delaware, and Southeast Pennsylvania. All in all, I think there were about 70 of us crazies gathering there early in the morning.

After the event, we (well, those of us who didn't have to hurry to work) spread out and went geocaching all over the area. I picked up 18 more caches throughout the day and into dusk for a total of 22 finds (including the event itself and one traveling cache at the event) that day. Late that day, I ran into one geocacher, Captain Prozac, who wasn't from the event. He was dressed in a military uniform so he probably was grabbing a quick one after work.

Went to Wawa twice. (Florence and Pemberton stores)

Throughout the day, I saw historic sites, ruins, numerous pocket-sized areas of wilderness among the suburbs, lonely dirt roads, swamps, boat launches, and an all-you-can-eat taco place. (imagine the natural gas potential of that one!) Also got lots of thorns, ticks, and mud. :)

Arrived home at around midnight, making it a 22-hour trip. In summary, it was an awesome day!

the BIG empty parkinglot. (New Jersey )

Fast Food Nostalgia (New Jersey)
Old Burger Chef site in Marlton.

06-06-06 @ 06:06:06 (New Jersey )
Denny's in Mount Laurel.

1743 potter's field (New Jersey)
Potter's Field in Mount Laurel.

7th Hole (New Jersey )
Laurel Acres Park in Mount Laurel.

Inskeep, not INNKEEP (New Jersey)
Inskeep House in Marlton.

Pilot Dude (New Jersey )

Ye Olde Cellar (New Jersey)

Eye Wood, Wouldn't You? (New Jersey )

Mango Lassie and the Trouble at the Old Barn (New Jersey)

Photo Opp (New Jersey )

absurd parking lot micro (New Jersey)
Near a strip mall in Medford.

Bird Dog (New Jersey )
Freedom Park in Medford.

Do micros make you grumpy? (New Jersey)
The Village Green in Lumberton.

Tripleplay (New Jersey )
Rancocas Nature Center in Mt. Holly.

Soccer Player (New Jersey)
Rancocas Valley Athletic Center in Mt. Holly.

High Tech Cache (New Jersey )
Mt. Holly.

Arney's Mount micro (New Jersey)
Arney's Mount in Columbus.

Watch Out For Wasps (New Jersey )
Boat launch in Pemberton.

Whatever floats your boat (New Jersey)
Another boat launch in Pemberton.

Back to Basics (New Jersey )
Dot and Brooks Evert Memorial Trail in Vincentown.

Red Ryder (California)


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