Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bucks County


Good weather. It's funny that I can call a 13-cache day relaxing, but that's what it was. Other than the time when I encountered a few camo-garbed paintball militia in Pennington (near the "Go Hug a Tree!" cache), there were no surprises. At "Creek Corner" in Bensalem, I explained geocaching to a group of people because the cache was right under the platform from which they were fishing. They thought it was interesting.

Lots of construction in the Northeast Philly area, including most of Roosevelt Blvd, which they're apparently going to repave. So it's a rough road now.

Went to 3 Wawa stores. (for lunch, snack (and the geocache behind the store), and dinner) I was thinking about going to Penang in Princeton for dinner, but they close at 9:30pm on Sunday and there's no way I can make it there in time during the Summer.

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