Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey righteous indignation

Inskeep House

Let's say you're waiting in line at a checkout counter. After the cashier is done with the person in front, you're next. Suddenly, another checkout counter opens and the cashier there calls out for the "next in line". Then someone else who isn't next in line goes to the newly-opened checkout counter. I hate it when that happens and it happened this evening at Staples. But something else happened this time too. The lady who was behind the queue jumper said out loud that I was next in line, not that other guy who jumped queue. Unfortunately, it was a little too late but she said with a smile that I needed validation. :) Anyway, much thanks to the helpful lady in Ramsey. At least someone in this area still knows right from wrong.

After that, I got some discount sushi at the fruit market in the same strip mall. The shrimp tempura roll is perhaps a little extravagant, but at 50% off, I'll take it!

Second annoyance of the day: Somehow, in their latest upgrade to their online account access, Bank of New York came up with a web design that renders correctly only in Internet Explorer. Here's how messed-up it looks in K-Meleon:

BNY screenshot

Firefox and Opera don't do much better with it. Seeing as how IE's usage share is down to around 85%, does BNY know that they're potentially cutting off 15% of their customers?
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