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LI Caching

Oh darn. Someone cracked into the root account at I'll be losing some e-mail when the admins restore everything.

The day started with View Of A Bridge and Gazebo With A View at two parks in Queens. The former was in Little Bay Park on a path at the water's edge near the Throgs Neck Bridge. The latter was in Crocheron Park practically next to the Cross Island Parkway, although access is from the Clearview Expressway via 35th Ave. Park access is sometimes a tricky matter in NYC. Take the wrong bridge or the wrong highway and none of the exits will lead to the park. But otherwise, the actual walk and cache hunt were trivial.

RPA-25 was another simple cache in a bird sanctuary. There was a birdwatching tower at the site but the tower was unfortunately closed.

W2-4 Manetto was on Jaynes Hill, the highest point on Long Island. This was the only location of the day that had a layer of snow on the ground but both stages of the cache were still pretty easy to find. The slope up from the parking area would be good for sledding.

M2K-1 is yet another cache on the LI Greenbelt Trail. It's surprising where this trail goes. I've seen it running through parks in Smithtown and from there, it must go North to here and follow the shore to Sunken Meadow but that's just a guess. I do not know if there's a scan of the trail map on the web. Again, another cache that's easy to find but the beach walk was a good change of pace.

The Bridge to Nowhere was indeed odd. There wasn't a stream in sight. You could walk on the bridge and then go down and walk under the bridge.

RPA-6 was at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. Great location. There's a minizoo at the entrance with a bobcat and a fox. (More pictures posted on cache page.) Took a bit of a longer walk than necessary for the cache but got to see both ponds.


1,000 miles in five days so it is time to take the car to the shop for the followup to see if the oil level has dropped significantly. I'll do that in the morning.

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