Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 0


Started driving at around 3am, after picking up free coffee (promo for this month) at the local gas station convenience store. My timing was pretty good because I arrived at the first geocache location at the buttcrack of dawn. (sunrise = 5:30am) When I picked caches for the trip, I used Streets and Trips to find town areas near I-80 and did zip code searches. Generally, I chose caches that would be a quick stop from the highway, except for the Susquehanna one, which I thought would be worth driving a bit further off the highway for. Stopped at a Wawa store in Blakeslee (they have some fine stores up in the Pocono mountains) and a Sheetz store in Du Bois for food. The trip was pretty light on traffic the whole way and would be great, except Penndot insisted on having road construction every 50 miles or so. Hope they'll be done with all this before next year's trip.

Arrived at the hotel, after circling the block once to figure out where the hotel and parking garage entrance was. Met up with marauderosu and Matt at the check-in counter. They'll be rooming with me at room 507.

After picking up my con badge, which took a while because they were still setting up at the time, and making multiple trips down/up to move my luggage from CM2 to the room (While doing so, I met up with wally_wolf and we discussed the masquerade skit a little.), I headed out to get some lunch and find some nearby caches. I had no GPS reception at all, so I didn't find either cache. However, I met up with jbadger later and got a hint about the Waterfront cache. Went back later and found it without GPS.

Not many events this evening, so I fursuited around the hotel space. Wore the wolf suit. I also brought the coyote suit but I discovered that it has a little problem. Oh well. One new trick I had this time was I was able to wear glasses on the fursuit head. I recently changed to a new eyeglass retainer (the old one was getting really raggy) and this one has more slack in it, just enough to go around the fursuit head. So I can see! I also brought the camera while fursuiting, so that I would at least get a few photos. Also went to the dance over at the convention center in the evening.

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