Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 1


Went out for breakfast with marauderosu. After walking around the block, we settled for the Steel City Diner, where "The Works" omelettes are huge.

Back at the con, we went to the opening ceremony, which was over at the Convention Center. I ducked out midway through the ceremony to take care of the Art Show check-in. Also claimed my Sponsor t-shirt from Grandma Kage. Browsed the Dealer's Room for a bit after that. Then I went back to the Westin to attend a few panels. Became an accidental panelist because I went to the Fursuit Performing panel in fursuit and was called to the front to do some stuff. :) Wandered around for a bit after that and got some photos. Also came across an impromptu photoshoot (see picture above) on the 2nd floor where the escalators meet.

Dinner was at the Golden Palace Buffet one block away. Came back to the hotel and went to the dance. (The fursuit-friendly part of it at least.)
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