Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 2


Woke up early because I had to go to the Masquerade Rehearsal. jbadger, who was rooming with us (at last count, we had four people in the room :) ), also had to get up early to go to the Masquerade Rehearsal Setup. So I headed out to the ballroom in the Convention Center first thing today. Probably didn't have to go quite that early because it was a matter of hurry up and wait as not everyone from my group was there yet. I signed up for two skits, but while I was there, I got roped into another skit that needed a bunch of extras. Then later, the last act wanted everyone out in front of the stage. So that made four appearances! Pretty hectic for my first time in the masquerade!

Had lunch at the pizza place less than a block away. Then I went to browse the Dealer's Room one more time. Attended a few panels. Then in the evening, I changed into the fursuit and went to the green room over at the Convention Center. We all actually had to be there an hour before the Masquerade began for last-minute preparations and instructions. However, since I was in the first act, I had to be there earlier than that even, just in case. Then near the appointed time, my group for the first act ("Welcome to our Family" by swift_fox) lined up and headed over from the green room to backstage via the secret backdoor passageway. I was pretty okay with everything up to the point where we were backstage waiting for our cue to go on. Then I have to admit that I got a little nervous about not being able to remember what we had to do. But once we were on there and started doing the act, I got into the flow and was fine. It also helped that I couldn't see the audience because of the bright stage lights. :)

Then I went back to the green room, not realizing that they were already starting to line up Act 7. Since I was also in Act 5 ("The Lion Tries to Sleep Tonight" by wally_wolf), I had to hurry back to the backstage area. Egads. I think that one went well too. I don't think we did everything as planned but the audience doesn't have a copy of our script. :) Then I just waited in line backstage again for Act 7. In this one, I got confused and left the stage a little too early. (but I was just one of the background extras so I hope it didn't matter too much) Went back to the green room. When it was nearly time for the last act, we all lined up again and this time we went in front of the stage for the big dance finale.

All of that performing (heh) was actually quite tiring and I was also hungry, so I decided to forgo both Kage's Story Hour and the dance, and went out to find something to eat. Like some other cities, Pittsburgh is almost dead at night. All the restaurants were closed. Even the Chinese restaurant was closed, but they were still doing some cooking for takeouts only, so that's what I got.

Oh, one other thing: I got tagged by the Dorsai on my way to the Masquerade. They were going around tagging all the fursuits with yellow numbered "migration study" tags. I heard an explanation that it's some kind of prank, but I think all will be revealed soon.

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