Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 3

Fursuit parade at the bridge

Went out this morning with jbadger to take a second stab at a nearby geocache. Then we went for breakfast at McDonald's, one of the few local restaurants that were open at that time. After that, I went back to the hotel, got changed, and headed to the ballroom at the Convention Center to join the fursuit parade. Boy, it sure was crowded in there! We didn't know until the final tally later, but there were 191 fursuiters in the parade. So the person who joked that it was a quarter-mile parade wasn't too far off, assuming a reasonable distance between paraders. From the ballroom, we went to the other end of the Convention Center, over the bridge that overlooks the Dealer's Room. Then we went to the balcony for a photoshoot. The photographer was standing in the distance on the big yellow bridge across the river. I think we actually made a few boaters turn around to see what the heck was going on. After that, we went down the escalators to parade through the Dealer's Room. After that, we went up the escalators and back to the ballroom. That was a pretty long parade. Whew!

In the afternoon, I went to the Fursuit Games (back at one of the hotel function rooms), which was a bunch of team-oriented races. There were a golf ball and tongs race, a pushing the ball with your nose race (That was harder than it sounds! I ended up just heading the ball a bunch of times.), musical chairs, and the limbo. After the Fursuit Games, I went to the Convention Center again while still in fursuit to check on something. While I was asking the Dorsai a question, I noticed that they checked the Migration Tag number and made notes. Hehe, they were taking the joke further than I thought. :)

By that time, I was tired and hungry. So I went out to the nearby Chinese restaurant (not much else was open), and got some pork fried rice. After that, I went back to the Convention Center to take care of the Art Show check-out. Once again, I seem to have sold everything that I put in the Art Show. After that, I attended the closing ceremony, whatever was left of it.

marauderosu and Matt were packing up and leaving at around that time. While we were in the lobby, I got to see some friends that I must've missed all weekend. Funny that there are some people you only get to see when the con is over because until then, everything was going by in a blur. There were also a bunch of fursuiters there and they got together and made a furpile in the middle of the lobby. (Ooh, someone call CSI! :) )

Had dinner at Golden Palace Buffet. I didn't realize that I'd been there 3 days in a row, but the man behind the counter noticed and chatted me up. Nice fellow. I told him I was from New Jersey and he said it was pretty close to Pennsylvania. (Yeah, only 388 miles away! :) )

After dinner, I came back to the hotel. I asked a few people and found out that there was a Dead Dog Party on the 3rd floor. So I went there for a look-see and wow, seems like at least a few hundred people haven't gone home yet! After absorbing the party atmosphere for a while, I decided that I wasn't fully exhausted from this weekend yet. So I got into fursuit and joined the dance in the center of the room. They started doing gymnastics so I went to the side and sat that one out because the last time I could do a somersault was... never. Chatted with a few more folks. Then I got dragged back into the dance circle because they were making a second furpile there. (CSI! That old joke. :) ) Then we had a rousing last 17 minutes of dancing before they had to shut down. Okay, now I've had enough. :)

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