Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Trip wrap-up


Photos from Anthrocon 2006. There are a bunch that I haven't uploaded yet but this photoset is the bulk of it.

Where's George hits from the trip: Well okay, there's no sure way to tell since, at this stage of the game, I get hits all the time in Pennsylvania. However, this one is pretty likely from the trip since I did stop in Du Bois and spend a whole bunch of money at the Sheetz store on my way to Pittsburgh. There's also a hit in Pittsburgh itself. Also, is this a hit from 2? :)

Did 3 loads of laundry today. Whew. I sure used a lot of shirts!

So the obligatory question: What did I think of the con? The long drive to get there wasn't as much of a problem as I thought it would be. After the first 300 miles, it felt more like a vacation (because of my geocaching trips, anything under 2 hours from home feels pretty much like it could be in my neighborhood :) ) and I did appreciate the scenery of the Pennsylvania Wilds. Also, some of the locations I passed by during the drive deserve a closer look and I may do that on the next trip. The Susquehanna Valley area, in particular, seems promising.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the walk between the hotel and convention center wasn't too much of a concern either. It's like doing a short/medium-length geocache hike each trip. The only problem is time taken for the walk made me late for some panels, so next time I should plan things a little better to account for walking time.

The con itself was a blast! Being in the masquerade was a novel experience for me as I had never done that before. The fursuit games were fun. I think I missed that particular event in previous years. I also think the migration study tags (even if it is a prank) and fursuit parade buttons are neat mementos. And of course everyone I met and/or worked with throughout the four days was terrific.

Availability of food after hours was a problem. It seems many area restaurants shut down early because they cater mainly to office workers, not tourists. Hopefully, this situation will improve next year now that they know what kind of crowd we are. However, I would note that I did not have actual trouble getting all the meals I needed. The man at the Chinese restaurant one block away was kind enough to let me order takeout even though the restaurant was technically already closed Saturday night.
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