Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Long and Wet Island


It was a very rainy day, torrential at times. I noticed that some roads in Long Island were getting quite waterlogged, although there wasn't any danger that I could see yet of a big flood. One of the caches was near the drive-thru of a "Scottish place" and I noticed that the cars waiting in line were getting deeper and deeper in the water. Uh oh.

Despite the rain, I did a couple of hiking caches. Brought an umbrella but the umbrella kept getting tangled in bushes and low branches, so I got wet anyway. After a few of those, I decided to cherry-pick caches that are closer to the road for the rest of the day. Even so, there was one location where I had to cross a wooden bar to get into the woods. Now do I go over or under? I chose under and tried to do the limbo under it, which didn't work. :) At the last cache, I fell into a water-filled ditch, which was apparently so much fun that I fell in again on my way back. :)

Had fried fish in Melville. Used lots of tartar sauce. (picture above)


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