Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

They'll fall to ruin one day

At the Indian Rock Trailhead

My nose is my "Achilles' heel". It can be fine for months at a stretch and then it bleeds for no good reason. It happened again yesterday. I generally don't handle this very well, so for a few times throughout the day, I was at the kitchen sink waiting for it to finish bleeding. At least I did the dishes while I was there. :) This is the one problem that I haven't outgrown, so the ultimate solution is probably cauterization. But I'll hold off on that while it is still manageable. This time, however, the nosebleeds were accompanied by a bit of a sore throat and a crusty eye on the same side as the bloody nostril, so it needs to be watched. I'll have to see a physician if these symptoms don't clear up soon.

So what did I do with all that bleeding and crustiness? Why, I went and did the DuPont Ruins geocache. It's in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Haskell (the town, not the programming language) near I-287. It's in the area of the ruins of the DuPont explosives plant. I also took a walk under the I-287 bridge. After that, I went to the nearby Falls View Grill and had a chicken philly sub and fries with gravy.

Other things that happened:
  • Got an "A" in Graphics and Multimedia. Funny thing is I'm not sure that I did everything I had to do in the last two units of the course because I was super busy.
  • Found one of greatscott66's Where's George bills.
  • Got a commenter's login for The Consumerist. I was under the impression that joining the blog was by invitation only, but I asked them directly via the tips address and got an invite almost right away. Huh? I guess, like some LJers, they too want more comments. :)
  • Finished uploading the backlog of photos from the last two weeks to Geosnapper, Wunderground, and Flickr. So you can now view such unnecessary pictures as Scripture Rocks, Plush Husky with the Sheetz nachos, and Cinderhenge.

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