Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Weekend of the 4th

West Branch Rahway River


Went to the Do It Again (Back to Kettletown) geocaching event. Like the GeoJamboree a few weeks ago, it's also in Kettletown State Park in Southbury, CT. This time, however, it's a much smaller event. Even so, I had a good time and I was able to do the caches on the other side of the park that I didn't get to at GeoJamboree. Also got some caches before and after the event in Norwalk and Danbury.

Dinner at Chili's in the Palisades Center Mall, which was surprisingly still open late Sunday night. Had to go to the restrooms in the middle of dinner. When I got back, the food had been cleared away. Told the server that I wasn't done and they brought out a new entree and more blackberry tea. So I had 1.5 dinners. Extra food is always good, but no wonder I can't seem to lose much weight. :) (chart)


Slept in. Hot weather is taking its toll. Can't seem to eat much other than pears and ice cream. Perhaps I should get some watery melon-like fruits (like... uhh... watermelons) to round it out. Saw some new caches in the listings so I headed out to do Find BrianSnat's Ammo Can #4 (Pompton Lakes) and Down by the Rockaway. (Tourne Park, Boonton)


Slept in. There's a pattern here somewhere. Took a stab at catching up with the uploading of pictures. Then I saw some new caches. So I went to Hannah's Hideaway (Grover Cleveland Park, Essex Fells. FTF!) and Crawfish Alley Cache. (South Mountain Reservation) Since it's a holiday, every place I wanted to go to afterwards was closed. Pathmark in Ramsey was still open, however, and lots of good items were marked down. So I'm no longer lacking in frozen desserts.
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