Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

So long, 2002

This is the final kick in the butt from 2002. Took the car in to the service department this morning. To no one's surprise, it turned out that the car is indeed burning oil and at an unacceptably high rate, i.e. nearly all the engine oil in 1,000 miles. More repairs needed.

Seems like a major repair is needed every few months or so now. I don't think that's so unreasonable though. Given recent usage, that amounts to something going bad every 10,000 - 15,000 miles, about a year's mileage before geocaching. And things are likely to settle down once the car is all new parts again.

The dilemma is whether it is better to buy a new car now instead of continuing to fix the existing car. That I don't know. I've heard arguments on both sides. My father keeps cars for 20+ years (and sells them to people who keep them going even longer) so I should ask him what his repair costs are like. I'd probably keep the old car purely out of inertia until it is scrap.

Anyhow, I got a rental and took it out to Clinton Road Drive and Dump. Nothing much to that cache as it is very simple. I just parked on the snow-covered road shoulder next to the cache and got it. Clinton Road is supposed to be haunted but I've never been there at night. By day, it looks like any other road that happens to cross a few miles of wooded area. And no, I've never seen the white wolf with red/yellow eyes.
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