Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

History Mystery

Doremus House

Mindwarp #13

I was apparently at some kind of dog obedience school where they were training dogs to run on ice. It was winter. There was a rink with a waist-high fence all around and the rink was covered in ice. There was a pole stuck in the ice on the far side of the rink. There were people all along the fence watching. Presumably, they were the dog owners. The dog trainer was standing by an opening in the fence -- a gate. There was a long line of dogs at the gate. One by one, they ran out onto the ice, went around the pole, and came back. The last dog, or so I thought, was a large shaggy grey and white sheepdog. It went through the gate and did the course.

Then the dog trainer turned to me and said "You're next!"

I stared back at him blankly while thinking "Wha? Huh?" (until that point in the dream, I didn't know I was one of the dogs)

Then the trainer pulled on something behind me that I couldn't see and I found myself jerked towards the gate. So I ran out onto the ice. Then I slipped, flipped over, and spun around on my back. Then I rolled over on the ice while waving my legs around comically. Some of the people around the rink started laughing. The trainer went nuts.

Then I saw one of my paws and woke up.

Had sushi and a pear for breakfast. (They're sushi and a pear // Yes, sushi and a pear // One's raw fish // The other's a fruit.)

What else? Oh, the Limpidity Yearbook sample copy arrived in the mail. Wow, it looks great, especially with the glossy cover and all. Thanks, fleetfur!

Went out to seek the Revolutionary Places: George Washington Slept Here geocache this evening. It's in the Montville area at and near a historic house. (picture above) Except for the evening traffic, this was quick and easy to do and I was FTF.

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