Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Unimoggers Picnic


Today, I went to the Welcome Back Unimoggers Picnic at Chestnut Hill Park in Brodheadsville, PA. Enroute to the event, I did a few caches. When I went to the "Schoolhouse Rock" cache, Trailhound was there. So we found the cache together. Then Trailhound discovered that his car wouldn't start. There was probably something amiss with the starter but who knows? So I gave him a ride to the next cache on my list and then to the picnic event. At the picnic, he found a local geocacher who was able to help with the starter. So it worked out in the end.

We also made a stop at the Brodheadsville Wawa store to pick up some iced tea for the picnic. Good thing I did that. The attendees were such a thirsty bunch that all the iced tea, soda, and Hawaiian punch was consumed by the time the picnic ended!

Anyway, at the picnic, I learnt a couple of things:

1. The traffic situation in the Brodheadsville area has gotten pretty bad because of a bunch of new housing developments in the backcountry. Why are there new housing developments in the area? Because people live there and commute to New York City for work! Given where I think gas prices are headed, this kind of commute doesn't make sense to me. But even if they took the train or bus to NYC, is it worth spending 4 hours a day commuting? Of course, real estate out in this part of Pennsylvania is cheaper (much cheaper than Northern NJ), but maybe not for much longer.

2. Kids are pretty good at catching salamanders and peepers. (And so I was able to photograph those critters.)

3. Collecting geocoins can be a very expensive hobby. Good thing I only log them. :) On that last note, quite a lot of tracking numbers were displayed at the picnic. I wrote them all down and also picked up some printed sheets of numbers and logged over 100 trackables! Pretty soon, this activity will become another Where's George. :)

I took home some of the leftovers. (just a few bags of chips)

After the event, I did a bunch more caches. There's a downright irritating trend in this area of hiding microcaches in the woods with little or no hints. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Good thing I had help on one of those and was lucky on another one.

Dinner was at the Brodheadsville Wawa store, where I noticed that a carnival was just starting next door.


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