Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tale of two KFCs

3 pieces with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuit

Went to KFC in Nanuet last night. Placed my order and paid. And waited and waited and waited for them to make it. I knew it would take some time because they were busy that night. I didn't know how long it would take. Then I noticed that some other people who came after me already got their food. So I asked. They forgot my order! There really was no excuse because all the orders show up on the monitor by the food preparation area. I wasn't angry because when I brought it up, the lady did prepare my order. However, the lack of an apology and the blank don't-care expressions motivated me to write a complaint and file it at the KFC customer service website. (at the end of the survey) The next day, I got an apology via email and an offer of a gift certificate. Okay, that's a good complaint resolution, although, as I mentioned in my reply, I would also like to know that steps are being taken to make the order system more foolproof so that orders won't get lost any more.

Went to the new KFC in Hillsdale this afternoon. This is where I should've gone all along. The lady prepared my order while I was counting out the money, so there was no waiting at all. She used two plates so as not to crowd the food together and added extra gravy to the mashed potatoes. She also asked if I wanted BBQ sauce. (which was thoughtful. They don't do that at any other KFC that I've been to.) Of course, I have never been to the Hillsdale KFC when it is busy there, so who knows? Maybe the system breaks down when the place is packed. I hope not though because I've already filed complaints about all the other KFCs within 5 miles! Egads.

I got the Lead Foot travel bug at the picnic in Pennsylvania on Saturday. It's a chunk of lead with a travel bug tag embedded in it. So far, two people have told me that it is toxic and deadly and OMG wash your hands after touching it and keep it away from children! Okay, I know lead paint can flake off and be ingested. Also, lead particles or lead compounds can get into the water and soil, and cause nerve disorders and brain damage among the local population. But what about a solid piece of lead? I'm definitely not going to bite it or lick it. I'm not going to grind it up either. So why the panic? I'm just going to drive it around South Jersey, and when I see tneigel, I'm going to say, "Here, catch!" :)
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