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The bathtub

How many visits to a restaurant does it take to become a "regular"? When do you cross the threshold from just a random customer to a regular customer? According to the guy making the nachos, I'm now a regular, despite having been to Moe's only five times. Now that I'm a regular, he didn't have to give the same spiel about the nacho cheese sauce being good stuff. After all, I've had that before. Being a regular also opens the door to conversation that's a little more than the standard exchange:
Moe's Staff: What does your shirt say? Fox? Foxy fox?
Me: No, it's just plain "fox".
Okay, well, we have to start somewhere. :)

Lest you think I'm the only one going on about the tax hike, I overheard a conversation about it. They too were saying that government has gone out of control with overspending and excessive debt. One of them mentioned that he'll been moving out of the state shortly. Too bad his new destination will be New York City, where taxes are even higher! So... it's finally come to the point where the average man in the street is dissatisfied. Hope they remember this at the next election, not that there's much of a choice in candidates usually.

And finally, I received the KFC gift certificate in the mail. It's my reward, I guess, for filing the complaint to let them know that the order system was losing orders. I'll save it for next week when taxes are higher. (Oh, there I go again with the griping about the tax. :) )

From thefridayfive:

1. What about you makes you unique?
Since I don't have an identical twin, DNA.

2. What aspect of your physical appearance do you think makes you stick out from the crowd?
Big feet? I don't know if anything short of elephantitis will set you apart from a crowd, especially if it is a big crowd viewed from a distance. Maybe if your head was exploding at the time. :)

3. What do you always have with you while out in public? (for example, earrings, purse, wallet, watch, etc.)
Where's George dollar bills, Leatherman Micra, lime green change purse, some kind of pants with pockets to put those in.

4. Is there anything about your body that you think isn't normal?
I used to think it was the nosebleeds, but then I discovered that I wasn't the only one. In fact, there is a segment of the population (15.8%, 45.5 million people, 397.8 million nosebleeds per year) suffering from this malady. We should all get together and do a Million Bleeders March and turn the whole street a crimson red with our blood.

5. What are you complimented on (looks, smarts, anything) the most? Why do you think that's the case?
Weight loss. Also, that I dressed a little less shabbily than usual.

From fridayfiver:

Name the last person you...

1. Hugged:
Not sure. Perhaps bondage_husky in the parking garage just before I left Pittsburgh.

2. Smiled at:
Nacho-making guy.

3. Deceived:
The trader left holding the bag when I sold GRMN last week before it got creamed? :) Seriously, no, I don't go looking to deceive anyone.

4. Glared at:
Trailhound, but not intentionally. I was trying to figure out what joke he was making and I tend to stare a bit when I do that.

5. Lusted after:
Not one of the seven sins that I have. :)
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