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Lehigh Valley

How Plush Husky learned to stop worrying and love the cannon

With the smoke alarm and the fire department investigation of the alarm last night, I didn't get to bed until it was pretty late. So I got up late. Given that, and given the heat today, I didn't think I would get around that much. But once again, I got 15 caches! Go figure.

Anyway, I went to Lehigh Valley. It's been a while since I was last here, so the locals have placed many geocaches in the meantime. Also, I went further into the northern reaches of the region than I've been before. I got as far as Walnutport and Palmerton, two sun-baked medium-sized towns up along Route 248. Most of the new caches were microcaches, often little film canisters. However, geocachers around here have a knack for hiding those in such a way that they're easy to find despite their size. Also, most of those caches came from the "Mother of All Caches" geocache, an ammo box full of film canisters ready to go with log sheets. I took one of the film canisters, so I'll be placing it somewhere near home.

I noticed that there's a new Sheetz store in Bethlehem. It's on Schoenersville Road, the same road as the Wawa store and not even a quarter of a mile away. So I had the best of both worlds. I got the iced tea at Wawa. Then I went over to Sheetz to get the nachos grande with every option on the menu selected. (so that the nachos platter had a pile of toppings on it. Delicious!) If they get an LJS there too, I may never leave. I also filled up at Wawa because gas prices were 20 cents/gallon lower than back in New Jersey. Amazing!

One advantage Sheetz has over Wawa is they have tables and chairs outside for you to sit and eat. However, having chairs outside leads to an influx of loitering teens. So, as I was having the nachos, I overheard them talking about lots of teen stuff, which means everything under the sun except for how the twin burdens of Social Security and Medicare will eventually crush their generation. But I digress. Anyway, I was done with the nachos and was about to leave when they started talking to me:
Loitering Teen #1: You can't leave!
Me: Sure I can.
I think that's the result of too much loitering. :)


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