Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Field Work

Dog of War

Another hot day.

Since I still had the KFC gift certificate, I went to the Hillsdale KFC to use it. It was still pretty hot in the evening and I figured I might as well be somewhere with air conditioning and drink refills. Different people serving in the evening but they seem okay and pretty efficient too, although once again, the restaurant wasn't busy. This may be one of those places that never has a crowd.

Then I went to the supermarket and the Staples store in Park Ridge.

Then it still wasn't dark yet, so I hid the film canister that I got from Mother of All Caches. I placed it at the Chestnut Ridge Recreational Complex, less than a mile from home. I'd previously scouted out the trails behind the tennis court with an eye towards placing a regular-sized geocache. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a suitable spot. However, since the baby cache is a micro, it's much easier to place. Any small hole anywhere will do. Of course, I made the hint pretty explicit so as not to give other cachers a hard time.

Found one tick from the weekend. My father told me geocaching reminded him of field work. Back in the old country before he retired, he worked for the government under the Agriculture Department. So sometimes, he had to head out of the office and go to the boondocks somewhere to see what the rural folks were doing. That involved lots of walking through fields, mud patches, and rice paddies. And a number of times, he got bitten by leeches, which in some ways are more nightmarish than ticks. So now, I go through fields, wooded areas, and creeks in search of geocaches, and get ticks. Believe me, I tried to be different from my father but ended up not that different anyway! Go figure.
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