Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A hundred degrees in the shade

Roadblock Husky

I placed this cache yesterday evening. It got approved this morning, and by now, two geocachers have already logged it. That was fast!

According to the car thermometer, the temperature this afternoon was 100°F. The gauge started at 106°F, but settled at 100 after I drove for a bit. Had to do some errands. Evidently, the heat was a bit much because I got a nosebleed when it was finally time for lunch. Unfortunately, I left the NasalCease in the car. Drat! Thankfully, this one stopped pretty quickly when I splashed some cold water on my face. I need to move to a place where it is 60°F all year round. And if that place happens to not have a sales tax, that would be a plus. :)

I hadn't planned on getting a haircut just yet, but it seemed like a good idea in this hot weather. So, in the evening, I went to Supercuts in Ramsey. Got the #4. (I used ljseek to look up that one because I knew I had that piece of information in a journal entry a few months back.) When I got home, I installed the window fan in the (master) bedroom. That should help. But what really would help is if I moved everything to the living room because that's where the air conditioner is. At a minimum, I could put a sleeping bag there once I clear away the half dozen or so other projects from the living room floor.

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