Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Quakertown meet

Lion head on the fridge

This evening, I went to lupine_fox's and soma_cat's place in Quakertown for a little gathering. (with a bunch of folks who need to tell me their LJ userids :) ) Hit two caches on the way there: Crystal White in Easton and Small Park Small Cache in Quakertown, just over a mile South of my destination. Considering that it was raining like crazy as I left home, I didn't think I would be able to get any geocaches, but the rain stopped long enough to do those two. (And started again when I arrived at their place, so my timing was good.)

We ordered pizza for dinner. Having not ordered pizza since... well, the 90s, practically, I was surprised at how high prices have gotten when I took a look at the menu. That's the way inflation is, thanks to "Bubbles" Greenspan. If you don't watch the price of something for a number of years, it'll be 50% higher when you do look again and you'll have to pick up your jaw from the floor!

Then we watched some movies. I picked Kill Bill 2 from the DVD collection because, of the two movies in the series, that's the one I haven't seen yet. Also used lupine_fox's wi-fi internet. Actually, we all did. It was surprising how many notebook computers were in that apartment. So essentially, we traveled all the way to a meet to chat with each other over IM. I love the irony. :)

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