Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Sitting on the dock of the Great South Bay

Started the day with a monsoon. Then the rain tapered off and stopped, so the rest of the day was merely cloudy. I only needed the umbrella for two geocaches out of the 12. Port Jefferson was ridiculously crowded. That's the one location today where I had trouble finding a parking space. What's the attraction of overpriced restaurants?

Back when Long Island started having $3 gas, I noticed that traffic went down sharply. Then for a few months, it stayed down and it actually was not bad driving around Long Island. Well, apparently people have decided that gas prices or not, they absolutely have to go to the Hamptons. So the traffic congestion has come back. It's still not quite at the level where it was before the $3 gas but it's getting there. Ugh. What worries me more is if people get used to $3 gas, then it sets the stage for $4 gas.

Had the Super Sampler at the LJS in Melville. This platter has fish, shrimp, and chicken, although the chicken plank looks a little out of place in the milieu of fried seafood.

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