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Got the car back today. Repairs, basically an engine rebuild with lots of new parts, cost $2,200. If the car lasts for another 125,000 miles, that is worth it.

I checked with my parents and their car has lower mileage than mine! No wonder the Datsun (would be Nissan now) is still going after 27 years. There was an older Mazda but they sold it after I left home.

Apparently, the Windows XP service pack upgrade causes DiskOnKey to stop working. If that happens, uninstall the M-Sys DiskOnKey device driver. Then reinstall the driver by inserting the DiskOnKey into a USB port. I tried that on two computers and it fixed the problem both times so that's something you can try before calling tech support.

Michael Savage's real name? Get a copy of his book and turn to the copyright page. Michael A. Weiner

Bad weather tonight and probably tomorrow. Went out to the supermarket this evening and saw that it had started raining ice. That's annoying as the ice sticks to the windshield. Good thing I picked up one of those Commerce Bank ice scrapers. :)
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