Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thunderstorm Thursday


99°F this afternoon. I was rooting for it to hit a round 100. Well, actually, I wasn't. :) Then, later in the afternoon, a storm hit the area. It was a wild ride. The power went out for a second. Then it came back. Then the power went out again for a bit longer. Then it came back. Then the power went out for a minute. And it came back again and stayed on, so there wasn't a lasting outage. Also, thank goodness for UPS or the computers would've shut down in the brief outages. After the storm passed, the temperature went down to a far better 77°F, although it was still humid. Also, after the power came back, I noticed that I had gotten an email with the subject line mentioning "a perfect storm on the horizon". Heh, on the horizon? More like a perfect storm there and then!

Went to Ramsey downtown in the evening. Either by chance or because it was in a less-trafficked area, I often park at one particular parking space along Main Street. The first time I parked there, I noticed that I couldn't open the passenger-side door. Why? Because there was a tree in the way. From then on, the tree was what I used to check that I had parked the car correctly because I could line up the tree trunk and passenger-side door visually. Until this evening, that is. I parked in that same parking space again. I thought something was a bit off and wondered why. Then I realized that the town had gone and cut down the tree. Egads. I noticed that a few other trees up the street had also been chopped down. Downtown Ramsey is already sweltering hot on a typical Summer afternoon. We'll see how well this works the next time we have a 100-degree day.

I was browsing the Vim script archive and wondered if anyone had implemented a personal wiki in Vim scripting language. Well, it turns out someone has: Viki/Deplate. I tried it out. It works okay but the "Go Back" function displays some spurious warnings, so it is a little rough around the edges. Each wiki entry is stored in a separate file so it is necessary to set up a Viki directory if you're going to create a lot of entries.

And finally, from Lifehacker: Get invites for Writely or Google Spreadsheet
Google Spreadsheet wasn't a problem as I requested an invite the day it came out and got one right away. Still need an invite for Writely though.

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