Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Town of Doyle

The castle that we were storming (It's a fancy playground)

Today, I went to the SEPAG Storms the Castle III geocaching event at Central Park in Doylestown. Of course, I went to two caches on the Jersey side before crossing over into Pennsylvania. Since this is a bring-your-own-food event, I stopped at the Wawa store on US-202 to get a hot-to-go bowl, soup, a fruit cup, and green tea iced tea. What I didn't expect was that there were a number of geocachers who brought food to share and we ended up with an abundance of meat from the barbecue grill. I probably didn't have to go to Wawa either because M&W brought a few bottles of Wawa green tea iced tea and there was also a 2-foot Wawa hoagie! We also had cake, although by that time, I was too stuffed to eat. Hmm... the way I'm describing it, it seems to have become some sort of food event. :)

Anyway, we also traded travel bugs. I dropped off two travel bugs but didn't pick up any at the event. The funny thing is after the event, I got two travel bugs at a cache and one of them was from the event. So I ended up with something anyway. At the event, there were also some raffles and a Ground Zero game, which was an exercise in seeing whose GPS could get closest to a spike that DocDesi placed and recorded the coordinates earlier. (Seeing as how everyone's GPS disagrees with everyone else's, it's a wonder we can find anything. :) )

At the picnic, angryEMT told me about his new cache at a northbound NJ Turnpike rest area and asked if I was going home that way. No, I replied, I was going back up US-202 and I-287. The funny thing is after I was done geocaching, I realized that I wasn't that far from the PA Turnpike. So I changed my route home and visited his cache. The other funny thing is my GPS receiver wasn't working at that time. It never got a satellite lock while I was driving on the NJ Turnpike from the Wawa in Florence. (where I picked up dinner. Yes, Wawa twice in one day!) But I knew it would be similar to his other cache at the southbound rest area, so I checked the same place and found it without GPS. (once again making it look easy :) )

All in all, an excellent day. I should hit this event again next year.


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