Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bags of Donuts

Lake Tamarack

This evening, I went to the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland for the Something/Anything? and Once There Were Indians All Over This Place geocaches. The first one was about 1/2 mile into the woods at Lake Todd. The second was about 1/4 mile further in at Lake Tamarack. So the round trip distance was about 1.5 miles. The terrain was somewhat rocky and hilly, and there was a stretch where I went off-trail, but it wasn't a bad walk for the evening. I also got FTF on both caches.

Of course, all that effort built up quite an appetite. So I went to Moe's in Mahwah for their Monday special: Buy one burrito, get one free. As I did last week, I got two Joey Bags of Donuts (Joeys Bag of Donuts? Joey Bag of Donutses?), ate 1.5 burritos there and brought the remaining half home for tomorrow's breakfast.

Other developments:

1. One of my New Haven photos has been short-listed for inclusion in the Schmap New Haven Guide.

2. Joined Shoppers' Hotline. Supposedly there will be prizes and gifts for sending in the data, but if nothing else, maybe stores will start stocking more of what I like.

3. Also joined Prosper. I came across this website earlier in the year but didn't join at that time because there were better places out there to put the spare cash. Well, in the intervening months, a number of things have happened. Some income trusts got a little more expensive, while prime-rate funds turned out, on closer inspection, to be more suspect than I first thought. So here I am, back in the P2P loan game. Needless to say, in this shaky post-housing-peak economy, I have to be selective about the lending. So for now, I'll only consider borrowers with credit grades A or AA, debt/income ratios below 10%, and interest rates of 9% or better. Ideally, it would be good to lend to those who're funding a business with a reasonable chance of success. On the flip side, I'll probably ignore all loan arbitrage deals. (i.e. someone with good credit using the loan money to lend to others on Prosper with lousy credit to pocket the interest rate differential. Uhh... yeah, that worked so well for sub-prime lenders.)

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